About MOGD

The Museum of Gender Divination is a faux folk museum dedicated to historical and contemporary divination objects, focusing on artifacts that allow for the divination or measurement of gender. The collection contains pieces from recent history as well as facsimiles of items from earlier time periods -all the way back to classical antiquity. 


OPENS 2022!

We need your help!

The museum is seeking your support! If you have the means to donate time, money or resources to the museum it would be greatly appreciated. It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a gaggle of queerdos to make a museum!

Artists and individuals we are working with:

Director and curator:

Salem H. Turchan 


Charlie Turchan


Breana Ferrara, working closely with us to recreate a historical divination toolset that uses astragalomancy.  

Zora E. Martin, Working with us to translate documents from Swiss-German to English.



(To be announced)